Nutrica-Sorb Supplement

Nutrica-Sorb strongly & irreversibly binds with mycotoxin as well as bacterial endotoxin which is unaffected by digestive enzyme or by the variations in the intestinal pH. Nutrica-Sorb is broad spectrum toxin binder and adsorbs variety of toxin molecules at a time.

Inclusion Levels : 500 gm. per ton of feed & dose can be doubled in chronic condition.

Benefits :

  • Inhibits growth of moulds and fungus.
  • Binds toxins & protects birds from aflatoxins and mycotoxins.
  • Prevents from primary and secondary infections.
  • Renders animals free from diseases.
  • Promotes growth & weight gain.


Choline Chloride 1 gm
Muravic Acid 1.5 gm
Copper Oxine 0.5 mg
Sodium Formate 0.6 gm
Form Powder
Pack Size 1, 5 & 25 Kg
Shelf Life 24 Months