Nutrica Plus AD3E Super Supplement

VITAMIN AD3 oral Solution is used to supplement animal feed diet  through water, Its high content of vitamin combined with the  balanced Amino Acids ensures rapid reversal of all conditions  associated with deficiencies of Vitamins and aminoAcids in the diet

VITAMIN AD3E oral Solution ensures improves production. quick recovery from diseases caused by bacteria, fungi viral and from stress conditions due to transportation, vaccination. changes in dies as well as parasitic infection.

Vitamin Ad3E oral Solution alleviates nervous conditional well as skin disorder.

Vitamin Ad3E oral Solution improves growth egg production, ferbility and hatch-ability and immune resistance of all ran• es of livestock,

This product 1000m1, watered from 2000-3000 kg. keep using for 3-days:
Vitamin deficiency: watered from 1000-2000 kg. keep using for 3-10 days:
Livestock (Cattle, Sheep, Pig)
Per head every 0.5-1m1. keep 3-10 days, also for long-term drinking


Each 1 Liter Ml. Contains Vitamin A 50,000,00 Iu
Each 1 Liter Ml. Contains Vitamin B 8,000,001u
Each 1 Liter Ml. Contains Vitamin E 5.000mg.
Packaging 1 Liter
Form Liquid
Storage Store in Cool & Dry Place
Shelf Life 24 Months