Nutrica Cal-P Supplement

Indications :

  • Helps in strengthening bones & muscie tone
  • Helps in enhancing egg quality & quantity
  • Helps in improving productivity & performance
  • Helps to protect from liver ailments
  • Helps to support healthy laying process

Strengthens bones formation improves FCR, growth and production performances fulfills nutritional deficiencies.


Phosphorus as (Phosphoric acid) 12.5 gm.
Calcium as (Calcium chloride) 52 mg.
Zinc as (Zinc chloride) 33 mg.
Copper as (Copper Choride) 550 mg.
Manganese as (Manganese chloride) 3 mg.
DL methionine 2 gm.
L-Lysine 1000 mug
Vitamin B12 80,0001.U.
Vitamin D3 50 gm
Propylene glycol Up to 1 Ltr.
Dosage 1 ml per ltr. of drinking water used in cases of some minerals vitamins & aminoacid defiency in poultry
Shelf Life 24 Months
Form Powder & Liquid
Note May Not be directly feed
Storage Store in dry, cool place , sealed preservation